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For 10 years we have been working with Eli-Innovation Stand Alone Milk Metering (SAMM)

Want to add functionality to your existing cup removers?

Already using Automatic Cup Removers? Our Stand Alone Milk Meters (SAMMs) connect to Waikato, Boumatic and other brands to capture data including volume, duration and conductivity from each cow at each milking.  Optional keypads at each bail provide additional functions such as live volume display, cow-specific alert messages and automatic vacuum blocking of treated milk.

They integrate with Australian herd management systems including MISTRO, Easy Dairy, Farm Automation and Jantec to upload this information to the cloud for review at anytime from anywhere.  Not only does the twice-daily data highlight variations much sooner than standard sampling, allowing you to make informed decisions about your herd, but it allows you to test and measure the effects of variables such as feed and environment in real time to achieve maximum output from input.

Eli’s Milk Meters are the only Australian owned and manufactured product on the market.  In addition, they are the only product that will plug into various brands of ACRs, essentially tuning your existing equipment into milk meters for affordable entry into herd management.  Their modular design and programmable circuit boards mean they can continue to adapt to many new models of cup removers with a software upgrade.  Enquire today about suitability with your Automatic Cup Removers.

Stand Alone Milk Meter PRO (SAMM PRO)

Download the SAMM PDF Brochure

The SAMM PRO differentiates itself from the standard SAMM by taking full control of an existing installed ACR.  The SAMM PRO can be interfaced with brands such as DeLaval, GEA, Boumatic and more, to keep your investment in place.

There is no need to replace your existing hardware as the SAMM PRO not only captures volume, duration and conductivity data from each cow, but it also provides a high level of control of the ACR.  The SAMM PRO adds functionality such as customisable let down delays, maximum milking duration and vacuum blocking to your existing hardware.

Eli SAMM PROs are already installed in Australia and China.