Easy Dairy Automation Systems

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We know the weight of responsibility that comes with dairy farming. Managing herds, tracking production, and ensuring the health of your cows can be overwhelming. That’s where we come in. With Easy Dairy Automation Systems, you’ll have a partner in your pocket, offering solutions that simplify cow management and help you get the most out of your herd. Say goodbye to daunting and hello to efficiency.

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    Herd Management

    At the heart of every successful dairy operation is effective herd management. For over 20 years, Easy Dairy has become the herd management program of choice by over 2000 Australian dairy farmers.

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    Dairy Automation

    With Easy ID, the ability to instantly access and update cow records live via touchscreens in the dairy gives farmers the power to make data-driven decisions on cows on-the-fly. Easy ID can help you transform your dairy operations

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    Cloud Services

    With Easy Dairy Cloud Services, you can effortlessly access your data from any device—be it a computertablet, or mobile phone — ensuring that critical information is always at your fingertips.

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    Automatic Herd Tests

    With on platform Milk Metering and Cell Counts, Easy Dairy and Easy ID become the cornerstone of your dairy. With live yield and cell count readings, Easy ID can generate fortnightly herd tests, allowing you to react to production changes and feed your cows based on up-to-date yield results.

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Milk, Fat, Protein and Cell Count Metering

Dramatically increase production and identify health issues with inline Milk, Fat Protein and Cell Count Meters. Find out how you can get instant results and automated herd testing with Easy ID ans SenseHub Yield and Cell Sense Meters

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