Easy Dairy Live Mobile Herd Management

Portable and paperless herd management

We are very excited that the Easy Dairy Live mobile app is finally nearing completion.


  • Short Term
    • Easy Dairy Herd Management in your pocket.
    • Offline mode
      • Australia is a big place and mobile coverage can be poor or non-existent in many rural areas. Therefore, all processing must be done on the devices.
    • Apple & Android compatible
  • Long term
    • Integration with automation systems.
    • Live shed information available during milking.
    • Auto drafting

Where are we at now?

January 2023

Easy Dairy Live for Desktop

Our Cloud-Enabled Easy Dairy Live for Desktop system has been in testing with selected customers for close to 3 years now. So far, we have been able to migrate most of the main features from Easy Dairy to Easy Dairy Live. The most recent Easy Dairy update involved extensive behind the scenes changes, and as such, we are carefully integrating it into Easy Dairy Live.

Easy Dairy Live for Mobile

After a server issue that caused problems for Easy Dairy Live for Desktop users, Easy Dairy Live for Mobile is operational again. The changes made to the server were easy to implement into the desktop app but needed more care and attention on mobile. We have an internal version of the mobile app that is almost finished testing and will be rolled out as soon as possible.

Easy ID Live

We have been working hard towards getting Easy ID working on our cloud-enabled system. Recently, we set up a new Easy Draft system with Easy ID Live and have had success in a single PC, single Draft Gate system setup. Our next goal is to test ID systems with Easy ID Live as well as having more than one PC at the dairy. This testing is underway.

Features & Benefits

Your favorite herd management software in your pocket.

  • Enter health and reproductive events when they happen.
  • Check management and attention groups anywhere.
  • Cow reproduction and production information in your pocket.
  • Check calving and dry off calendars to see who is due now.
  • Stock take semen tanks and drug stocks

  • Management Groups

Current roadmap and milestones

Easy Dairy Live for Desktop

  • Continue development on syncing & error handling
  • Get Easy Dairy Live for Desktop at feature parity with Easy Dairy


Easy Dairy Live for Mobile

  • Continue development on syncing
  • Work towards enabling the Full Version mode
    • App is currently in Read Only mode


Easy ID Live

  • Easy ID Live is working with our Easy Draft Cow Sorting system
  • Work towards integrating with our Rotary ID and Herringbone ID system
  • Test existing integrations with third party systems

  • Easy Dairy Live will sync the changes back to your Master database in the cloud
    After you have entered data, Easy Dairy Live will sync the changes back to your Master database in the cloud. You will still have a copy of the data on your PC

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