Easy Draft

Effective Automatic Herd Sorting

Our Easy Draft automated draft gate system allows you to efficiently sort your herd ahead of time, right up until they leave the shed.  This eliminates the extra labour required for traditional manual draft sorting.  As the cattle walks past the antenna, our RFID system identify s the individual stock and directs them to they cattle yard you have selected.  The inbuilt calendar feature allows you to configure sorting ahead of time which helps significantly when preparing for AI or drying off. Our unique flipper gate system allows you to control the flow and direction of cattle, ensuring that only the stock you want to draft, are drafted.  We have focused on making our draft gate system simple and intuitive. Our touch screens and large button interface mean you don`t have to fumble with attached keyboards and can easily setup and control your herd.  Our premium service facility provides insurance should any unforeseen issues occur.
  • Easy Draft works with your Easy Dairy Groups to help draft out selected groups of cows easily
  • Huge time and labor cost savings compared to manual sorting
  • Integrates seamlessly with Easy ID, to give you the ability to catch cows as they exit the dairy

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Easy Draft has proven itself over time to be dependable, cost effective and efficient. Download our case study to see just how quickly Easy Draft can provide an R.O.I (return on investment).