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Easy Draft

Using our Easy Draft system, you can easily and efficiently sort your herd ahead of time, right up until they leave the shed.  All without needing an extra person for manual drafting.  As your herd walks past the antenna, our gate drafts your cows whichever direction you have chosen.  With our built in calendar, you are able to set drafts ahead of time, making preparing for AI or drying off alot easier and less time consuming.

In conjunction with our sensors and flipper gates, we control the flow and direction of cows, ensuring that only the cows you want to draft, get drafted.  Using one of our touch screen PCs and our drafting gate, you’ll have the full power of our drafting and herd management system in one location.  All right beside you while you milk your herd, at a tap of a button

  • Easy Draft works with your Easy Dairy Groups to help draft out selected groups of cows easily

  • Incredible time and labor cost savings compared to manual sorting

  • Integrates seamlessly with Easy ID, to give you the ability to catch cows as they exit the dairy

For more information about our Easy Draft system, or our full range of dairy automation systems, please get in touch with us

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