Easy Draft

Reliable, Robust, Easy

The Draft Gate you can rely on
Our Easy Draft gate has been designed and refined over many years to be reliable, easy to use and gentle on animals.
What makes a good draft gate?
When designing our draft gate we investigated many gates and examined their pro’s and con’s.
  • Gentle on animals.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Does not interrupt cow flow.
  • Accurate catch. Catch all the cows you want and only the ones you want.
  • Robust construction.

Why is our gate different

  • Quiet operation.
    • Carefully designed so gates stop without hitting frame. No Clanging steel.
    • Cows are not spooked by loud noises or sudden movements in front of their face.
    • Reduced wear and tear on equipment and eliminates electronic failure due to vibration fatigue.
  • Robust construction.
    • Gates are fully assembled and tested in our factory in Northern Victoria with all cables running inside steel for maximum protection.
    • We only use quality Australian steel.
    • No T Joints. Rails are inserted through holes in upright posts and welded for maximum strength.
  • Ease of use.
    • Touch screen interface provides quick and easy operation.
    • Fully integrated with Easy Dairy Desktop software make drafting single animals or large groups a breeze.

Save time and safely catch cows now

12 Month Payment Plan Available

Get the Easy Dairy Automatic Draft Gate with a Touchscreen computer and remote

50% deposit (ex GST) plus 12 monthly repayments.

* Freight and Installation not included.