Take control of milk quality and herd health

The Saber In-Line Somatic Cell Count Sensor provides instant somatic cell counts for individual cows at the milking point.
Instant Somatic Cell Counts when and where you need them

Get the somatic cell count of each individual cow within 2 minutes of cupping up

Easy ID with In-Line Somatic Cell Count Sensors

Add individual cow milk quality metering and resolve health and milk quality issues quickly before it becomes a larger issue.

  • Identify and resolve potential health and milk quality issues much earlier
  • Detect high somatic cell counts instantly
  • Make faster and more informed decisions
  • Protect milk production and profit
  • Improve overall cow health and welfare

Instant Somatic Cell Counts On-Screen

Each cows cell count is displayed on screen within 2 minutes of cupping.

  • Operators can quickly act on milk quality and cow health issues
  • Set High, medium and low highlighting for high visibility
  • Automatically retain or draft cows based on cell count