Easy ID

Rotary & Herringbone Identification, Feeding, Alerting and so much more

Easy to use yet powerful

Dairy herd management doesn’t get any better than this.

  • Animals are listed on touchscreens as they enter the dairy.
  • Customizable spoken cups on and cups off alerts inform operators when action is required.
  • Cows are individually fed to maximize production.
  • Feeding to production or stage of lactation or both.
  • Cow treatments and other events can be entered quickly and easily into the touchscreen.
  • Compatible with most milk metering systems. Automatically identifies production problems during milking with live alerts and readings on screen.
  • Fully integrated with Easy Draft automatic sorting system.
  • Fully integrated with our revolutionary Easy Feed herringbone feed system.

  • Spoken & Visual Milk Withhold & Treatment Alerts


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