Easy ID

Feed & Milk Information Presented Simply

The Easy ID System was released in 2007 and is now widely used by many Australian dairy farms. Some of the features include the ability to see and hear critical alerts such as kick off, three teeter, and dry cow. Easy ID provides you with useful information while you are milking and shows integrated milk metering, cow productivity, historical milk volume and dry off dates. Easy ID also has the ability to individually feed according to lactation. Also with the built in feature of a Statistics screen the farmer can see at a glance averages such as daily feed usage for the herd. The statistics screen also shows detailed averages for milk production and many other metrics.

  • Easy ID works seamlessly with Easy Draft and Easy Dairy to assist in the day to day cost savings to your dairy business
  • Individual feeding and production based feeding are some of the ways you can save on feed costs with the fully customization feed settings within Easy ID
  • Easy ID can play alerts based on events that you put against your cows, such as milk withhold after treatments

  • Spoken & Visual Milk Withhold & Treatment Alerts


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