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Easy Dairy

Released in 2002, Easy Dairy has fast become the herd management program of choice by thousands of farmers across Australia. Easy Dairy was designed to be an easy to use and time saving software product. And with free technical support, there is always someone there to help.

With easy to use navigation buttons, Easy Dairy allows you to import all your herd information including Herd Test Data, Cow Details, AI Bulls and Dams on the NASIS Database, Drug Lists and much more. Easy Dairy eliminates a tremendous amount of paperwork, by enabling you to send information to various companies such as Breed societies and Herd Recording Centres.

By using Easy Dairy, you can view all your herd information such as Dry, In Milk, and Fertility Problem Cows at the click of a button. Planning for Dry Offs and Calving is made easier with the built in Calendar, showing you how many animals will be due and when.

Easy Dairy also has event management allowing you to view the cows’ history in terms of mating records, treatments, calving dates and many more.

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“We couldn’t manage our herd without Easy Dairy. ”

Lloyd Chesworth, Tocumwal NSW

“Having used another herd management program we were used to doing things the hard way. But now that we are using Easy Dairy the answers are always provided quickly and in an easy to read format. The support is great, if I do have a question I can call the support team, they are always patient and they don’t make me feel silly.”

Kellie Beverley, Poowong VIC

“In the past we have used 3 other packages, reliability, ease of use and support was a big issue. We were so impressed with Easy Dairy that we again changed. My advice to other farmers would be use Easy Dairy, it is the best program around”

Lloyd Chesworth, Tocumwal NSW

“All the info I need is at my desk.  Herd test results are e-mailed directly, and within minutes I know the high cell counts, low producers, CPI’s etc.  I didn’t realise how much time Easy Dairy saved until the computer broke down for a month, easily 3-4 hours a week extra the old manual way.  Time I need elsewhere as a sole operator and a single parent.”

Chris Slaughter, Cohuna VIC, Damask Holsteins

“Our advice to other dairy farmers is; Get Easy Dairy it’s the best value for money, it makes life on the farm easier, especially when you know you are up to date and your business is running smoothly.”

Kellie Beverley, Poowong VIC

“Not only does it save you heaps of time on administration and record keeping, but it also allows you to track the progress of your herd over time and spot trends and patterns within your stock. Nowadays there are any number of dairy software systems around, and I have used others, but Easy Dairy is by far the best I’ve encountered.”

Travis Gilmore, Pyramid Hill VIC