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2010, 2017

Windows Date and Time, and Easy Dairy

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The support team at Easy Dairy have identified an issue with Windows 10 and Easy Dairy. Sometimes, Windows 10 will set itself to the American date and time format (mm/dd/yy) and will cause issues with Easy Dairy. The calendar and the Easy Dairy Cow Transfer function are affected the most by this, and will bring up errors (e.g. Invalid Date error on the Calendar, as pictured)

To prevent this happening to you, or having issues when importing animals from another Easy Dairy, please follow the procedure listed below. It will guide you through the steps required to change the date and time format to the Australian standard (dd/mm/yy) and stop issues with invalid dates happening in Easy Dairy.

How To Change The Date And Time Format In Windows 10

Please Note: Easy Dairy needs to be closed before starting this procedure

Step One: At the bottom right hand corner of the desktop, Click on the time. Then Click ‘Date and time settings’.

Step Two: On the new screen that appears – SelectRegion & Language’. To the right ‘Country or region’ will appear. Use the drop down box to Select – Australia. Then ClickAdditional date, time and regional settings

Please Note: Depending on which update of Windows 10 you have, ‘Additional date, time and regional settings’ may be at the bottom of the screen

Step Three: Under Region – Select ‘Change date, time or number formats’.

Step Four: Under ‘Format’, Select English (Australia) using the down arrow. Then Click on Apply at the bottom right

Step Five: Next change the Short date format to dd/mm/yy using the down arrow. Then Click on Apply at the bottom right, then Click OK to close the window

Step Six: Close all windows and reopen Easy Dairy.

Step Seven: Confirm the issue has been resolved by going to the Calendar screen.

Please Note: some of the screens in this procedure may not match your version of Windows 10. If you need help, or this procedure doesn’t resolve your problem, please contact the support team at Easy Dairy

1804, 2017

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Easy Dairy Mobile App

Working Smarter from the palm of your hand.

18th April 2017

Things are getting exciting as we prepare for the release of the much anticipated Easy Dairy Mobile App.  Soon you will have Easy Dairy in your pocket.

Our team is working hard and the Easy Dairy Mobile App will shortly go to it’s limited public beta test phase. This test will run for approximately 8 weeks, in which ease of use and functionality will be assessed by the test group.

Now for the exciting bit. We are looking for 20 brave Android & Apple users to be in the initial test group. If you are currently using Easy Dairy Desktop and would like to be a part of the Beta Test group please Click here to submit a request.


EDIT 24/04/17 – Thank you to all that have submitted your request. We have had a positive number of requests, showing that you are all eager to see this app improved and released soon.  As we start to get our beta test underway, please check our blog and our facebook page for regular updates on the progress of our Easy Dairy Mobile app.


Here is a sneak peak of the Technical Preview stage of the Easy Dairy Mobile App