Dramatically increase production and identify health issues.

Easy ID supports most milk meters available in Australia.

We are very pleased to announce our recent partnership with Eli-Innovation to offer and support their large range of:

  • Automatic cup removers
  • Stand alone milk metering
  • Retention bars
  • Other products

We have been working with Eli-Innovation for over 10 years and have thousands of their meters installed on many farms throughout Australia. Over this time we have found their products and support to be exceptional.

Easy ID with Milk Metering

Add milk metering and unlock your herds potential with benefits such as:

  • Create outstanding production gains using the same amount of feed. Under normal blanket feeding conditions high producing cows are generally underfed, limiting their production, while low producing cows are generally overfed wasting feed. Daily milk monitoring enables feeding each cow to her individual potential.
  • Identify health & behavior quickly by comparing individual cow production to her 7 day average every milking.
  • Ensure contaminated milk does not go in vat with automatic vacuum blocking of withhold cows.
  • Eliminate mistakes with optional In-bail displays showing Cow ID and any warnings for that bail.
  • Identify issues quickly with live volumes and times displayed in each bail and on screen.
  • Save labour and reduce infection with optional automatic teat spray in each bail or single unit at cups off.
  • Reduce wear and tear on retention bars and cows getting tails hooked by having retention bars only come down if necessary.

Some of the available milk metering options in Easy ID

Automatic Cup Removers (ACR’s)

All Eli-Innovation ACR products are designed to reduce milking time by using a state-of-the-art milk flow sensor and clever control systems to release clusters from cows once a diminished rate of flow has been reached.  They come equipped with fully adjustable settings such as:

  • Lift and lower times
  • Let down rates
  • Maximum milking times
  • Coordinated vacuum release / cord tensioning
  • More other features

Stand Alone Milk Metering (SAMM)

Already using Automatic Cup Removers? No need to replace them. Eli-Innovation SAMM products can add milk metering functionality to most existing cup remover products including:

  • DeLaval
  • GEA
  • Waikato
  • Boumatic
  • Many others

Find Out How Milk Metering Can Help Your Dairy Farm