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Easy Dairy Full Install


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Easy Dairy Full Install Easy Dairy Full Install

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Australia's leading dairy herd management software.

*** WARNING ***

Only download this if you do not already have Easy Dairy installed

If you already have Easy Dairy on your computer please download Easy Dairy 2015 Upgrade.

Easy Tips

Tip #01

Easy ID In any date field you can press + to move forward one day or - to move backward one day.

Tip #02

EASY DAIRY To get the latest NASIS list, go to the Data Transfer section, click on Import Bull Data, then Update NASIS Bulls and select Internet.

Tip #03

EASY DAIRY When entering a date in Easy Dairy, pressing the T key on your keyboard will always enter today’s date. Pressing the plus + key on the numeric key pad will take you one day forward or pressing...

Tip #04

EASY DAIRY When you are creating a report for Sold and Dead cows, make sure you are in the All Animals Ever in Herd group in the top left hand corner of the screen. If you are not in the this group no...

Tip #05

EASY DAIRY You can use the * key (found above 9 on the number pad) to quickly select a cow by their ID number.